During an inspection yesterday, Tuesday, the Dutch Labor Inspectorate found 11 workers in Aalten who are not allowed to work in the Netherlands. Their employer did not apply for a work permit for them even though it is required. All had Uzbek nationality. Furthermore, the Labor Inspectorate is investigating whether there is serious prejudice.

It was not the first time the Labor Inspection visited this location in the municipality of Aalten. Last week, the inspection also paid a visit and found 8 persons of the same nationality. Their employer had not applied for a work permit for them either. The workers were presumably working as construction workers.

According to the Labor Inspectorate, more and more Uzbeks are being brought to the Netherlands by rogue contractors. Often they have to work here under miserable conditions for low wages.

Such was the case in Aalten where the men lived under deplorable conditions in the premises. For example, they slept with 7 people in one room, rooms without daylight and there were minimal sanitary facilities. During the inspection at the premises, the Uzbeks tried to hide from the inspectors. Among other things, they were found in the basement, behind stacked mattresses and some had entrenched themselves in a closet.

Failure to apply for a work permit constitutes a violation of the Foreign Nationals Employment Act (Wav). The employer concerned will be fined for this.

Source: Netherlands Labor Inspectorate